AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 Hack Apk 1.1.1 (MOD,Unlocked) Data


AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 Hack Apk 1.1.1 (MOD,Unlocked) Data + Mod – Android Horror & Adventure Horror Game with Data
Bought version of the game for $ 2.49 + Mood (John Infinity) version individually
Tested with Offline Run

Developer: Blazes
Price: 3,29 €

AWAKENING HORROR Mod Apk Unlocked The Rise of Horror, known as AWAKENING HORROR: The Story of Elizabeth, is the name of a thrilling action game in the horror genre and adventure from a Russian studio called Blazes, in two free versions (Lite) and Full (money) has been developed so you can get the full and purchased version from HackDl for the first time in Iran. Along with the original version, we also have a mod version of the game that you can download from the same. The game was initially episodically released in a few separate games, but Blazes Studios finally released the full version and its Full Chapter, which includes five episodes in one package. As soon as we prepare this package, we will serve as the first Iranian site for you lovers of scary and action games. AWAKENING HORROR Mod apk tells the story of a small, scary town called the ghost town. You play the main character George Turner, who returns from his usual way home after a long day and at the end of the night. The road, a remote road outside the city, passes through a dark forest. George has gone this route hundreds of times and is back, but this night he finds something strange when he is crossing the area! He sees a city he had never seen before by the side of the road. A city that somehow leads to the end of the road! Surprised and frightened, George gets out of his car to check on the situation. This city with its many buildings looks completely uninhabited! But after a short tour of the area, George discovers the presence of scary creatures and strange monsters. Human beings rushing towards you as soon as they see you! According to The Game of Elizabeth, the city seems to have one main victim, a girl named Elizabeth. This scary and dramatic story is actually related to this character and you have to find out about it and the secret and secret secrets about it and you may have to save this innocent and conquered girl! But is it really so? Is Elizabeth a victim or is she trying to deceive you in the role of a great devil?



AWAKENING HORROR Mod apk you have to search for a way to escape as the protagonist in this ghost town. To do this you have to go to different parts of the city and solve many puzzles. Looking further, you can discover clues to the city’s hidden mystery and finally find out about this scary area. This small town seems to have been created by an ancient demon in the area, and you are the main victim of it! You can discover the history of this scary city and get a lot of information about this place. As for game design, AWAKENING HORROR is designed with great graphics and full 3D modeling. The game is first person and you have nothing to defend yourself except a few simple tools like a flashlight. Full-length play takes place over a long night, which means you won’t have much scope. Especially when you have to go inside gruesome, tunnel-like buildings or basements, only a flashlight will help. The gameplay is dynamic and well implemented. Despite the monsters that chase you, the excitement level of the game goes up a lot. This excitement is further enhanced when you know that in many parts of the game you have to cross deadly traps like deadly razors and solve different puzzles. You have a map of the routes of the city and you can follow the locations of this game through this map. You should try to avoid noise and alert monsters to your presence. You can hide if you see them so they won’t see you! There are many items along the way and at different locations to help with the game. In parts of the game you can also ride your car and move on the road to other parts of the city! Help George discover the secret of this city, survive this scary and nightmarish place and escape the area safely. As mentioned, the game is followed in 5 episodes that you can have all of these episodes in the same game. hackdl invites you to download the AWAKENING HORROR game for free and download it by downloading the game along with the mod and its data file. To date, the game has earned a complete rating of 5.0 out of 5.0. For more on the game play design and style, we recommend downloading and watching the trailer video.

AWAKENING HORROR Mod Changes to v1.1.1:

* Release the first full version of the game on Google Play

Installation and Running Instructions:

– Download and install the installation file first.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.Blazes.AwakeningFull folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.

Free Download Link

Download Direct Attack Game Install MOD APK- 74 MB

Download Direct Mod Apk Data File- 758 MB

  • Android version required: 2.3.2 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +18 years