Auto Chess War Mod Apk 1.961 (Hack, Unlimited Money)


Auto Chess War Mod Apk 1.961 (Hack, Unlimited Money) + Mod – Android Chess Strategy & Management Game
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Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War
Developer: Phoenix Mobile
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Auto Chess War MOD Apk Unlimited Money Chess Campaign Another name for the strategy game genre is the category of auto chess games, a relatively new generation of strategic genres. The game is an unmistakable imitation of the World Auto Chess game produced by Dorado Studios and released by Dragonet Games Chinese studio. It’s interesting to know that the maker of Auto Chess War is also a Chinese gaming studio called Phoenix Mobile. The studio had produced and released many popular games, including Minesweeper – Endless Dungeon, and has now developed a similar game to compete with Dragonet Studios to become one of its main competitors in this genre. In Auto Chess War mod apk you have to take part in tactical and strategic battles. Just like a chess game, you have to assemble a team of the required pieces before each battle and then compete. Then, in a strategic and turn-based game, use the appropriate items such as chess, and apply items and moves to damage enemy forces. This game will have no meaning without upgrades and updates! The whole importance and process of the game depend on upgrading your troops. This game is designed with a variety of skills and abilities that you can add to your abilities list. Forces include various characters and heroes, each with unique characteristics and abilities. You can integrate the abilities of these heroes and create more powerful forces!

Auto Chess War MOD Unlimited Money apkAuto Chess War MOD Unlimited Money apk


Auto Chess War Mod Apk Game summarizes the types of forces combined and the strategic and tactical use of the beads. The main part of the game is PvE and includes a stage section where you can battle opponents in 18 stages in different stages and missions. The game also has two other parts, including Endless Mode, a challenging and scoring part, as well as a multiplayer PvP section that is still under development. Your characters and heroes can be among the myths of humans or legendary creatures such as orcs, elves and monsters. The game view is strategically positioned from the top so you can have a good view of all of your own and your opponent’s pieces. The gameplay is similarly followed by a chess-like tactical game. Graphically, the game Auto Chess War mod offers a decent amount of detail, given its decent size. Most graphics are 3D games. There are numerous visual effects throughout the game, and the legendary and epic designs of the characters make the game a perfect blend. Auto Chess War has attracted the attention of many players worldwide with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 and more than 15,000 downloads in a short period of time. If you also want to try this game, you can easily get a regular or mod version of it tested from HackDl World and install it on your Android device.

Auto Chess War Mod Apk Changes in v1.961:

* Optimize game balance
* Reset abilities of 9 characters
* Added equipment purchase shop
* Added ability to display some important character information
* Optimize and redesign items
* Fix bugs in daily card packs section
* Replace gold coins with diamonds

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