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Age Of Magic MOD APK 2.12.0 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)

Age Of Magic MOD APK
MOD Features Menu/Damage/Immortal
Category Mod Apk
Size 148 MB
Version 2.12.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Age Of Magic Mod Apk Free Download

Age of Magic is a turnbased RPG that immerses players in an epic mythical world full of magic and adventure. Players will become the True Mage, tasked with saving humanity by confronting powerful enemies on their way to the Dark Tower. With simple and intuitive combat mechanics, you‘ll have access to hundreds of diverse charactersfrom soldiers skilled in ranged attacks to huge creatures capable of taking out massive hordes at onceand arrange them into custom teams for strategic advantage as you take on progressively challenging battles. You‘ll collect character cards throughout your journey and use them offensively or defensively based on how well they match up against specific opponents. Along with tons of rewards available for successful missions, you can also find unique items during your quest which provide additional power boosts that help make victory easier than ever before!

Gameplay Overview

Age of Magic gameplay is easy to learn and quite enjoyable. You progress through the game in a linear story as you battle progressively difficult opponents. Along the way, you‘ll collect character cards that can be used offensively or defensively according to their abilities and strengths on specific levels. You must use strategic combinations of characters against your foes for victory! Rewards are plentiful when missions are successful, including powerful items found during your journey that will give additional boosts during combats. With an engaging story mode, various feedback systems which make leveling up easier than ever before, there‘s always something new and exciting awaiting around every corner join fantasy battles today with Age of Magic!


Age Of Magic Mod Apk

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Take your strategic battling to the next level with Age of Magic‘s multiplayer mode. Invite your friends and face off against powerful enemies together, competing for rewards earned! With a range of customisable PvP matches, you can hone your skills while building relationships and earning exclusive treasures as each battle is won. Enjoy this thrilling team experience today!

What is Age Of Magic Mod APK?

Age Of Magic Mod APK is an unofficial modified version of the Age Of Magic game that allows you to unlock advanced features and content for free. With this mod, you can access ingame items such as coins, gems and more with just a few taps or clicks. Explore different levels with ease and enjoy enhanced graphics, sound effects and much more!

Age Of Magic Hack APK

Age Of Magic Mod Apk

Features of Age Of Magic Mod APK

Unlimited Coins:

The modified version of the game offers unlimited coins after completing levels, allowing access to powerful items and bonus rewards to further enhance your gaming experience.

Free Upgrades:

With this mod, players can easily upgrade their characters and all available features with totally free upgrades.

Instant LevelingUp:

Unlock exclusive content quickly with instant leveling up featured enabled in Age Of Magic Mod APK for customers convenience.

Enhanced Graphics & Effects :

Be visually enamored by upgraded graphics & sound effects depending on your devices memory capacity that improve your overall age of magic experience.

No Ads Option :

Get rid of annoying ads whenever you want while playing without compromising performance or responsiveness thanks to advanced tweaks made in the mod apk .

Age Of Magic Mod Apk

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


Access to powerful items and bonus rewards for free.

Easy upgrades of characters and features without spending money.

Ability to instantly levelup for access to exclusive content faster & easier.


Can be unstable on some devices due to modifications made in the game code.

Increased risk of virus/malware infection with use of thirdparty software not authorized by developers.

Personal information can be compromised through data mining techniques used in these modified versions, leading to more safety concerns than original version can guarantee .

Age Of Magic Mod Apk

How to Download Age Of Magic APK

Download the latest version of Age Of Magic APK from a trusted source.

Open downloaded file and tap install when prompted by your devices operating system.

Wait for installation to finish then open the game from home screen or app list on your smart phone or tablet.

The age of magic mod apk will be ready for you to explore!

(Optional) To enjoy unlimited items, bonuses, coins & upgrades available in modified versions, you must download it separately and follow instructions mentioned previously with compatible devices/operating system before enjoying ultimate custom experience this game offers !

Age Of Magic Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Age of Magic features stunning visuals with vibrant colours and lifelike characters. Maps are beautifully handcrafted in a variety of locations, including the swampy lands of Atreia, the ominous Dark Tower itself, and other settings around a magical world that capture attention at first sight.


The audio featured in Age Of Magic is breathtaking from hauntingly powerful music tracks to realistic ambients effects for every fight scene. With each stage comes its own set of custom soundscapes that create an immersive atmosphere for players as they venture through their story mode adventure!


Age Of Magic is an immersive mobile RPG experience combining simple yet intuitive combat mechanics with beautiful graphics and audio. Players will take on the role of a True Mage as they battle against mythical creatures on their way to the Dark Tower. With hundreds of characters, ranging from soldiers skilled in ranged attacks to giant monsters capable of taking out hordes quickly, you‘ll collect character cards for strategic advantage and earn rewards upon completing mission tasks. Get ready for intense battles, exciting storylines and special bonus items when you download Age Of Magic today!

Age Of Magic Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Age Of Magic Mod APK work for all devices?

A1. No, this mod is not compatible with all devices due to modifications made in the game code that can potentially cause instability issues if the system requirements are not met. However, you can run a compatibility check using thirdparty websites before installing on your device to be sure of its performance quality.

Q2. Are there any legal consequences when downloading Age Of Magic Mod APK?

A2: Generally speaking no however it is important to note that laws and regulations regarding the use of modified versions may vary depending on where youre located as well as applicable copyright matters so its always best practice to confirm beforehand just in case!

Q3: How do I unlock powerful content features faster in Age Of Mage Mod APK ?

A3: If players want access powerful items quicker than standard story mode progression allows, they should make sure they download and install any new or updated mods from trusted sources offering lightweight options matching their device specifications (or higher). This will provide them with maximum compatibility while ensuring stable performance & enhanced visual effects thanks enabling modification optimisation available at reasonable resources cost !

Q4 Is playing with fighters better or Atreia shooting weapon type characters?

A4 Playing both types offer an advantage , but the strategy chosen depends on combat situation . For example , fighting against huge monsters requires bigger & stronger characters which might make Atreia troop type optimal choice Whereas smaller opponents require concentrated attacks leaving ranged fighters operating weapons more favourable selection .

Q5 What advantages will I get by playing Age Of Magic Mod APK ?

A5 The mod offers several advantages that players wouldn‘t have access to using the original version. This includes unlimited coins after mission completions, free instant character upgrades & levelup features , enhanced graphics & effects and even the option of getting rid of ads whenever desired for an uninterrupted gaming experience !


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