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May 15, 2023
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1v1 LOL Mod Apk 4.40 (Hack, Mega Menu)

1v1 LOL Mod Apk
MOD Features Mega Menu
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 4.40
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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1v1 LOL Mod Apk Free Download

1v1 LOL (League of Legends) is a battle royale game that pits two players against one another in an epic showdown. Players must select from the roster of champions, each with unique abilities and playstyles. They will then be thrust into an intense 1v1 match where they must outsmart, outplay, and overpower their opponent to emerge victorious! The winner takes all, as there can only ever be one victor at the end—no mercy for those who come up short—and this makes 1v1 so exciting! So grab your mouse-keyboard combo or controller if you prefer a more traditional style, and get ready to jump right into some thrilling action brought forth by League’s most adrenaline-pumping mode: 1vs1 Mod Apk!

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Large-scale Battle Royale

In a large-scale battle royale, two teams of five will compete against each other. Each team must select their champion from the same roster and then outplay one another to take down enemy towers and minions and ultimately destroy the opposing Nexus. Multiple objectives, such as dragon slaying or Baron Nashor capture, can also be activated by either side during this high-stakes clash! Victory is achieved when all members of an opposing team are defeated; whichever faction manages that first win it all! These epic battles often become intense showdowns between powerhouses who seek glory on Summoner’s Rift—no wonder they call it “the Field of Justice”.

Controls And Interaction Of Fluid

In 1v1 LOL, the controls and interaction of fluid are essential for a player to succeed. Players must be able to move their character quickly to dodge attacks or chase down enemies. They also need quick reactions when it comes time to activate powerful abilities such as stuns, heals, or even ultimates that can turn the tide of battle if used correctly! Last but not least, they have access to items that give certain bonuses depending on your choice; picking wisely is key here, too, so pay attention! All these elements combine into an intense experience where reflexes combined with strategy determine who finally prevails!

Different and Interesting Game Modes

1v1 LOL also features interesting game modes, such as blind pick, draft, or all random. Blind pick is where both players choose their champions before the start of a match and are then pitted against each other; this allows for more tactical play since you can plan based on what your opponent has chosen to bring into battle! The draft mode makes it even more strategic by adding an item selection phase that requires careful decision-making to gain those precious buffs that could make all the difference between victory and defeat! All Random gives everyone new characters every time, so no one knows who they’re up against until right when combat begins. This is great if you want some spice added to regular 1v1 matches with friends or just like trying something new.

Immersive building systems

In 1v1 LOL, players can also build immersive systems by creating custom games with specific rule sets. This allows them to set up their unique battlefield, so no two matches ever feel the same! Maybe you want an arena of death where every champion spawns in one area and has access only to a single item, or perhaps it’s more your style for multiple objectives spread around each map, which must all be completed before either team wins? Whatever kind of challenge you crave, building these types of scenarios is a surefire way to add some extra fun to regular League sessions!


Many Attires And Effects

And lastly, 1v1 LOL provides players with many attires and effects to customize their champions in-game. From special skins that give your character a unique look down to cosmetic spells, there’s no limit as long as you can afford it! Adding these different elements helps make each playing experience even more enjoyable, giving everyone who decides to try this exciting game mode another reason they will remember League of Legends Mod Apk anytime soon.

Better Combat Systems

Lastly, the combat systems have become more refined in 1v1 LOL. The addition of new champions with their powerful abilities and playstyles has added an extra strategic layer to every match-up, making it harder for opponents to guess what tactics you’ll be bringing into battle! This feature also makes certain mastering characters even more rewarding as they can easily differentiate themselves from others if given enough practice—a true testament that League remains one of the most demanding yet satisfying MOBA titles.

What is the 1v1 LOL Mod Apk?

1v1 LOL Mod Apk is an Android app that allows you to play a modified version of the popular battle royale game League of Legends. The modded apk comes with all kinds of extra features, such as improved graphics, new champions and items, and additional customization options for your characters. It also includes better combat systems, which make it easier than ever before to dominate 1v1 battles! So if you’re looking into taking on some intense real-time showdowns, why not try this exciting adaptation?


Features of the 1v1 LOL Mod Apk

Mega Manu

This feature gives players access to various customizations for their characters and items. From new skins, spells, and abilities down to character stats, you can change anything that suits your fancy, so no two matches ever feel alike!

Improved Graphics

All assets have been enhanced with better visuals, making this version much more pleasing to the eyes than the regular League of Legends game while maintaining its competitive balance between champions and other elements in-game.

New Champions and Items

Over time, 1v1 LOL MOD APK comes with additional content, such as newly added heroes or special equipment, which helps create even crazier strategies during intense battles against opponents—just what every fan needs when it’s getting too repetitive playing the same old things over again!

Better Combat Systems

With improved combat systems, likeability changes, item modifications, etc., each fight becomes far more varied, leading to exciting showdowns where fellow summoners will be tested at the highest levels possible.

Increased Rewards

Players are rewarded handsomely after successful round completion; extra goodies include ranking points (which help unlock exclusive rewards), boosters, currency packs, costumes, and many others await those who prove themselves worthy warriors!

Tiers System

Ranking tiers from Bronze through Challenger lets everyone track their progress easily by watching improvement throughout sessions; it’s also great bragging rights if you achieve the top spot amongst friends!

Events, Challenges, and Quests

Events allow individuals to participate in unique activities and earn prizes not available anywhere else, including rare cosmetics only found here. Perfecting the skills necessary to complete these activities is easier said than done!


How to Download and Install 1v1 LOL Mod Apk 

Step 1: Download the app from any third-party website or Hackdl.com.

Step 2: Open the APK file and then “install” it on your device once downloaded. Ensure you have enabled the installation of apps and files from unknown sources for this process to go smoothly!

Step 3: After successful installation, launch the game; if you don’t already have an account, create one with valid information!

Step 4: You can now customize your character’s appearance with various items and skins, as well as select different game modes such as blind pick and draft all random explore maps, which can help you plan your strategy against the enemy.

Step 5: Finally start playing, enjoy intense battles against others online, test skills, unlock rewards at higher tiers, and become a better player daily!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

I am not being able to install the app.

If you cannot install the 1v1 LOL MODDED APK, ensure your device is compatible and can handle a large file size (around 100 MB). Additionally, check for enough storage space on your phone or tablet before finally launching into the installation process!

Connection Problems

When playing online in League of Legends or any other game, the internet connection plays an important role, as disconnects will cause problems during playtime, which could be easily avoided by having stable access at all times! Another tip is double-checking router settings to ensure ports are properly opened, allowing connections to go through smoothly.

Visual and sound quality


1v1 LOL MOD APK features HD graphics that give an immersive experience while playing with smooth animations and detailed textures to make every battle look spectacular! The characters are also highly customizable, allowing players to create their unique aesthetic for each champion they choose during battles, making it more fun than ever before as you can now express yourself through your creations in-game.


A wide range of soundtracks is available throughout the game, from intense fight music when battling opponents to calming victory tunes once you have defeated your enemies! Each one is tailored to enhance mood and perfectly fit alongside the amazing visuals present in this title.



1v1 LOL MOD APK is an exciting battle royale game that brings all the thrills and spills of regular League of Legends matches to your device. With improved graphics, new content being added regularly, and better combat systems, this adaptation provides a great way for players to test their mettle against others worldwide while unlocking rewards and unique experiences! So why not jump into intense battles with friends or foes to prove you’re the best summoner in business?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the 1v1 LOL Hack APK?

Answer: It’s an Android app that allows you to play a hacked version of the popular battle royale game League of Legends, with improved graphics and new content like champions, items, etc. Not only this, but it also features better combat systems, which make each match even more intense than a regular one!

2: Is it free to download and install?

Answer: Yes, most online versions come without cost; remember to enable installation from unknown sources if you want to proceed!

3: Can I customize my character in-game?

Answer: There are numerous options for customizing your champion’s appearance, including skins, spells, cosmetics, and other accessories; you can also change stats to favour certain builds and build your unique strategy against opponents in no time!

4: Does it include events or challenges where you get rewards upon completing them?

Answer: Sure do; various quests and events can be found throughout gameplay, so keep your eyes open for those extra goodies waiting out there for anyone who manages to complete a mission successfully and receive their reward for the hard work and dedication they put into the task at hand!

5: Are connection problems common during matches?

Answer: Generally speaking, disconnections should only occur sometimes, provided you always have stable internet access. However, sometimes they still pop up depending on the given situation. It is best to double-check your router settings to ensure ports are opened and letting data through properly to avoid these issues. Entirely sure bets win every round played, and the desire towards victory always remains strong!


• 1v1 LOL MOD APK is a modified version of the popular battle royale game League of Legends.

• It features improved graphics, new champions and items, as well as better combat systems that make each match more intense than before!

• Players can customize their character in-game with various skins, spells, or cosmetics that can be purchased using currency earned through successful round completion.

• Events and challenges allow individuals to participate in unique activities, earn special rewards not available anywhere else, and perfect the skills necessary to complete them!

• Connection problems should rarely occur, provided you always have stable internet access. However, it is best to double-check router settings to ensure ports are opened, letting data flow properly and avoiding these issues. Entirely sure bets winning every round played the way desired towards victory, always remain strong!



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